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Water Features

Are you still looking for that perfect water feature? Consider getting a structural waterfall. They are beautiful, eye-catching and create the perfect atmosphere.

Have a specific design in mind? Want a particular rock style used? Just let us know and we’ll work with you to get the perfect look, style and size. If you want something that blends perfectly into your landscape, take a look at a lava rock waterfall.

With Lawntastic Hawaii, you don’t just get any waterfall. You get a one of a kind specially designed for you. We don’t just stack the rocks, we create everything from scratch. All our waterfalls are created with concrete. We don’t use a liner so your waterfall will last much longer, and won’t leak.

Take a look through some of our amazing work—and even the creative process that goes into building the waterfalls.

We’d love to get started on your waterfall so please call us at 808-352-8129

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