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Tree Service

Having a tree on your property can add beauty and shade to any business or home, but poor maintenance can lead be trouble for a homeowner, Such as falling branches on neighboring property or worst bodily injury. Let our tree trimming specialists take the hassle of caring for the trees on your property. We service all varieties of trees such palm trees, plumeria; lychee, avocado, coconut and everything in between.

A friendly reminder for interested customers; Keep in mind when taking a bid from other companies, whether or not their bid includes hauling of the material or not. The last thing you want is to have a beautiful pruned tree along with a large pile of debris and no way to bring it to the dump. This is a common ploy by some companies to bid low by not including hauling! With Lawntastic, our bids always include hauling, mulching or chipping whichever the job may entail.

We offer our tree trimming, tree prunning or tree removal services to residential and commercial customers anywhere on the island of Oahu.

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