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Sprinkler & Irrigation System Repair

At Lawntastic HI Landscaping & Sprinkler Services we don’t just provide installation services; we also provide sprinkler and irrigation repair services. Once you have an irrigation system installed it is very important to ensure that it is always operating efficiently. This means that it is recommended that you get regular service visits form us so we can track the performance of your sprinkler and irrigation systems.

Sprinkler Repairs

Let the team at Lawntastic HI Landscaping & Sprinkler Services take care of all of your sprinkler repairs needs. Our contractors have many years of experience in the repair of sprinkler systems that we are confident that we can do the same for you. We provide lawn sprinkler repair services to our residential and commercial clients throughout greater Kapolei Beach, Ewa Beach and all of Oahu Island.

With a well functioning sprinkler system your lawns will remain green and healthy all year round. The reason is that the lawns will receive just the right amount of water necessary for it to remain looking its best. Lawns can actually suffer if they are over watered just as much as they will if they are under watered. So, let us preserve your healthy lawns by repairing your sprinkler system before too much damage is incurred.

Irrigation Repairs

As with any type of automated system, your irrigation system will require repairs. Don’t leave your system unattended too for long enough for it to fail completely. It is recommended that you keep on top of your irrigation repair needs. Contact the team at Lawntastic HI Landscaping & Sprinkler Services and we will send out one of our experienced irrigation professionals to get your system running perfectly again.

If you notice leaks this can lead to water wastage; something you really don’t want to happen for too long. Not only are you wasting this precious resource but you will also notice a rise in your water bill. So, if you live in Kapolei Beach, Ewa Beach and all of Oahu Island then we are the right company to get your irrigation system repaired and functioning at its best again; leaving you with beautiful and healthy looking lawns, gardens, plants, trees and shrubs.

Call the professionals

For all of your irrigation and sprinkler system repair needs don’t hesitate to contact the team at Lawntastic HI Landscaping & Sprinkler Services. We will provide you with a free consultation and estimate on your repair project. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with A1 customer service with an experienced team of contractors equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment and knowledge to repair your sprinkler and irrigation system!

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