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Landscape Lighting

Do you want to highlight a landscape feature? Extend the usefulness of your outdoor space? Improve safety and security? Or maybe you simply want to add a small touch of elegance to an area that would otherwise be invisible at night. We can install a wide variety of landscape lighting solutions including low-voltage LED lights to make your property shine.

If you've invested in your property and have added landscape features that you really want to show off, landscape lighting is the solution. Dramatically highlight and showcase the plants, water features, and other attractions on your property through the use of subtle accent lighting and well-placed spotlights.

Don't let the night stop you from enjoying your outdoor space. Landscape lighting allows you to extend the quality time you can spend with family and friends outside. By installing appropriate lighting you can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for your family and guests long into the night.

Motion-sensing floodlights discourage intruders, and improve safety and convenience by illuminating spaces when they are in use. No more fumbling for your keys in the dark. Additionally, you can incorporate path lights so your family and guests can see where they are going and move freely and safely after the sun sets.

When the sun goes down, the beauty of your property doesn't have to disappear. Light up your paths, walkways, gardens and ponds. Using a variety of landscape lighting options you can add class and elegance to your property, while highlighting key features.

At Lawntastic Hawaii, not only will our professionals provide you with a free estimate, we also offer a free demonstration so that you can see what landscape lighting can do for your property.

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